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Cotton Candy - Lisa van Noorden

Cotton Candy - Lisa van Noorden

$ 4,000.00

Size: 55x39 in.

Artwork Description: This is an original mixed media piece by Lisa van Noorden, featuring drawing, print, paint, and copper on canvas.

Artwork Medium: Canvas

About The Artist: Lisa van Noorden is an acclaimed Dutch artist whose works mostly focus on women, animals, and the way their ways of self-presentation in the complex and crazy world we live in today, from the horrors of war to the fake glitz of stardom. She works with a method that is very accurate and precise, while the characters she depicts are often take the form of icons, with their images symbolic of lost innocence, of boredom, of vulnerability. Her art often features symbols such as diamonds, stars, and skulls, which are long lasting icons in society. Lisa was born in Schiedam, a small city near Rotterdam. She was raised by her father, who worked as a commercial silkscreen printer, creating artworks for Daan van Golden, and was also an artist in his spare time. As she got older, she grew increasingly interested in art and music, leaving her father’s home at the age of 16 to become part of the local art and music scene. After high school, Lisa graduated from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam in the field of illustration & graphic techniques. She had her first art show in 2003, and has continued to prosper since, incorporating her knowledge of multimedia and interactive techniques where applicable to great acclaim.