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Green Mist - Maurice Sapiro

Green Mist - Maurice Sapiro

$ 1,000.00

Size: 12x16x2 in

Artwork Description: Green Mist captures the beauty of a setting sun as it comes together is the green hues of evening mist. This piece features a palette of soft earth tones.

Artwork Medium: Panel

About The Artist: Highly regarded Realist painter, Maurice Sapiro, is no stranger to taking chances. As anyone who studies his work can attest, his ability to perceive, capture, and transpose light and color onto canvas is unlike any other. Sapiro has dedicated his life to art and as a result he has received many awards for his work. He has authored many art books which have sold over 48,000 copies and have been considered authoritative classics in the classroom and the studio for over 30 years. Maurice Sapiro is represented exclusively by the Mahlstedt Gallery.