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Road Through Landscape - Jon Macadam

Road Through Landscape - Jon Macadam

$ 1,800.00

Size: 24x36 in.

Artwork Description: Road Through Landscape features a slim road running through a hearty landscape of lush trees and vibrant grass. Like the rest of Macadam’s works, this piece is certain to enrich any space with the timeless elegance of oil landscapes and the serene energy they exude.

Artwork Medium:

About The Artist: Drawn to places that are overlooked, like the beauty that might be glimpsed from a car window, Jon Macadam’s current body of work explores beauty in our modern age. His visions of beauty in modernity are complemented by his style of painting which for the most part are in the tradition of realist painters of the 19th century. “As long as I can remember I have been drawn to the way the sky above plays on the landscape below. I want to bring these two together so that they are intertwined; the heavenly and the earthly together as one. I hope to discover for myself and share the strange magic that I see in the world around us. I am a witness to this world. I enjoy what I see by bringing others to see it too.” Landscapes by Jon Macadam have been featured in shows across the country and have been included in various major publications.