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The Cover Up Kid - Jared Boechler

The Cover Up Kid - Jared Boechler

$ 1,300.00

Size: 18x18 in.

Artwork Description: The Cover Up Kid portrays a young boy hidden under a black sheet atop a square patch of grass in front of two windrow covered in shadows. Like the rest of Boechler’s works, this piece is sure to enrich any space with an element of mystery and sophistication.

Artwork Medium: Canvas

About The Artist: Canadian born, Jared Boechler, makes his American debut in Mahlstedt Gallery’s new exhibition, “Shadow Odyssey.” Jared recently finished his studies at Gail Adams School of Art in Canada. His work has been shown multiple times throughout Canada, especially in the Toronto area. Jared is also the recipient of the 2010 “Best of Show” award at the Saskatoon Showcase of Arts. The Mahlstedt Gallery is pleased to represent Jared.